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From Thursday 5th November our showroom/trade counter will be closed to visitors. You can still order and pay over the phone and your goods will be made available for you to collect. We will be observing social distancing rules at all times and expect all visitors to do the same.

Our in-house print & embroidery workshop is fully operational, offering some great designs on a massive range of clothing from all the well known manufacturers.

Result Face Shields

• Lightweight • Easy clean • Anti-Fog

100% Recycled T-Shirt

This is Basil. He doesn’t do much, but this week he is wearing a t-shirt made from 100% recycled polyester – and it’s actually quite good!

As Basil says, David Attenborough will be pleased.

Available in White, Red, Navy, Black & Royal Blue. Sizes Small to 2XL

There has recently been a lot of publicity about moving away form plastic products, with pulp and paper offered as the popular alternatives. Both have environmental benefits but both have limitations. Paper is commonly considered to be the environmentally friendly option but you may be surprised to fond this isn’t always the case.