Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Film MR29
Ref C/F Width Length Type Grade
81925 250/500mm 600m Light S60
81930 300/600mm 600m Light S60
81935 350/700mm 600m Light S60
81940 400/800mm 600m Light S60
82520 200/400mm 450m Medium H45
82525 250/500mm 450m Medium H45
82530 300/600mm 450m Medium H45
82535 350/700mm 450m Medium H45
82540 400/800mm 450m Medium H45
82545 450/900mm 450m Medium H45
82550 500/1000mm 450m Medium H45
82560 600/1200mm 450m Medium H45

PVC Shrink Film (ref MR29) is an economical film for many applications. It’s available in various shrink ratios and is fully approved for direct contact with foodstuffs

Polyolefin - P3LS

Ref C/F Width Length Type Micron
8P1530 300/600mm 1335m Light 15
8P1535 350/700mm 1335m Light 15
8P1540 400/800mm 1335m Light 15
8P1545 450/900mm 1335m Light 15
8P1550 500/1000mm 1335m Light 15
8P1935 350/700mm 1070m Medium 19
8P1940 400/800mm 1070m Medium 19
8P1945 450/900mm 1070m Medium 19
8P1950 500/1000mm 1070m Medium 19
8P1955 550/1100mm 1070m Medium 19
8P2550 500/1000mm 800m Heavy 25

Polyolefin Shrink Film (ref P3LS) offers excellent clarity and high speed performance. It has exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance to give strong and static seals.

AC-550 Hood Chamber Semi-Automatic Machine

800mm Shrink wrap system


This combined Sealer / Unroller comes complete with cutting wire and can handle film widths up to 800mm.

The heat gun has 2 speeds and is supplied with a 75 mm wide spreader nozzle.