Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping
Ref Bag Width x Length Packed
05010 12mm 1000m 300kg Ex H/Duty Plastic
05015 12mm 1500m 190 kg H/Duty Plastic
05020 12mm 2000m 130 kg Standard Plastic
05030 12mm 3000m 135kg Machine 200x190mm
05050 5mm 6500m 60 kg Machine 200x190mm
05070 7mm 5000m 100 kg Machine 200x190mm
05090 9mm 4000m 110 kg Machine 200x190mm
Seals & Buckles
Ref Width Length Type Packed
05525 12mm 25mm Semi open seal 2000
05532 12mm 32mm Semi open seal 2000
05541 12mm Plastic Buckle 1000


Sealer 07113
Tensioner 07114
  • 32mm seal gives an extra crimp compared the 25mm version
  • Use the tensioner and sealer together with a 32mm metal seal
  • For strapping pallets, we'd recommend these rather than the combo tool

As an alternative to metal seals, you can use these plastic buckles.  Suitable for lightweight applications, with standard 12mm strapping. No tools required.

Combination Tool
  • Use 25mm semi-open seal
  • Ideal for uniform size packages
  • All in one tool - tension, seal & cut

Edge Protection

  • Prevent the strapping from cutting into your pallet or parcel when under extreme tension
Cardboard Edge Guards
Ref Angle Size Length Packed
05310 35x35mm 1000mm 50
05312 35x35mm 1200mm 50
05315 35x35mm 1500mm 50
05320 35x35mm 2000mm 50


  • Perfect for small to medium size parcels
  • Automatically tensions the strapping and heats to seal


  • Holds all standard plastic core rolls
  • Handy bucket for storing seals & tools