Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping
Ref Width Length B/S App Weight Packed
06012 12mm 334m 509 kg 17 kg Ribbon
06016 16mm 334m 636 kg 21 kg Ribbon
06019 19mm 334m 761 kg 25 kg Ribbon
06112 12mm 980m 509 kg 49 kg Oscillation
06116 16mm 784m 636 kg 49 kg Oscillation
06119 19mm 670m 761 kg 49 kg Oscillation
Ref Width Length Type Packed
05713 12mm 25mm Snap on 1000
05716 16mm 25mm Snap on 1000
05719 19mm 25mm Snap on 1000


Sealless Combination Tool
You can use a combination tool or individual tools, depending on what you need to strap. The combination tool, shown left, does not need metal seals. It can apply tension, then seal and cut the strapping.
Another method is to use a separate tensioner and sealer, shown below, to apply the strapping. For this you will need to use metal seals. The steel is applied under extreme tension, so it is important that you use the right cutting tools to prevent whiplash or springing.
Steel Tensioner
Steel Sealer
Safety Cutters


Trolley for Ribbon Wound
Trolley for Oscillation Wound