Hand Towels & Rolls

Rolls & Towels
Ref Type Ply Colour Packed
5CFB201 Std Centre Feed 2 Blue 6
5CFW201 Std Centre Feed 2 White 6
5CFW101 Mini Centre Feed 1 White 12
5CFW102 Std Centre Feed 1 White 6
5CFW170 Airlaid Centre Feed 2 White 6
5CFW152 Low Linting Centre Feed 2 White 6
5HRB207 Leonardo System Roll 2 Blue 6
5HRW201 Hand Roll 2 White 24
5HTG101 C Fold Towel 1 Green 2880
5HTW201 C Fold Towel 2 White 2355
5KRW201 Kitchen Roll 2 White 28
5MFB102 Multi fold hand Towel 1 Blue 3000
5MFW201 Multi fold hand Towel​ 2 White 3000
5MRB205 Embossed H/D Wipes 2 Blue 1
5MRW203 Engineering Roll 2 White 2
5MRW204 Engineering Roll 2 White 2
5MRW205 Engineering Roll 2 White ???
Disposable paper towels are a fast, effective, convenient and economical way of improving hand hygiene and they offer the best value in hand drying solutions.
Rolled hand towels and centre feed rolls are ideal for busy environments, such as, industrial workplaces, schools, stadiums and other public areas. They are a simple hygienic and economical hand drying solution.

Toilet Tissue

Our range of mini jumbo and jumbo rolls are produced in a variety of core sizes and product length combinations in order to suit your needs.

Conventional toilet rolls and flat sheets of toilet tissue are also available from stock.
Toilet Tissue
Ref Type Paper Ply Type/Core Packed
5BPW201 Bulk Pack sheets Recycled 2 Sheets 36x250
5CTW202 Eclipse Flat Sheet Pure 2 44mm core 36
5CTW207 Whisper Embossed Pure 2 44mm core 40
5JTW201 Jumbo x 400m Pure 2 76mm core 6
5JTW203 Jumbo x 300m Recycled 2 60mm core 6
5JTW204 Mini Jumbo x 200m Recycled 2 76mm core 12
5JTW205 Mini Jumbo x 150m Recycled 2 76mm core 12
5JTW206 Mini Jumbo x 150m Recycled 2 60mm core 12
5JTW207 Mini Jumbo x 200m Pure 2 60mm core 12
5JTW209 Mini Jumbp x 150m Pure 2 76mm core 12
5JTW230 Leonardo Jumbo Recycled 2 Reversa 6

Auto Dispenser

If you want to upgrade your standard centre feed dispensers, the Leonardo Smart Sensor is ideal. It will dispense a flat sheet so no need to undo the paper. You can set a pre-determined length which saves a lot of paper and therefore a lost of waste. These dispensers can be bought outright or supplied as part of a contract agreement. Just ask for details.