Corrugated Paper Rolls
Ref Width Length
10604 100mm 75m
10606 150mm 75m
10612 300mm 75m
10618 450mm 75m
10624 600mm 75m
10626 650mm 75m
10630 750mm 75m
10636 900mm 75m
10636 900mm 75m
10640 1000mm 75m
10648 1200mm 75m
10660 1500mm 75m
10670 1800mm 75m


Usually made to order, we can supply sheets of corrugated board to you exact requirements, direct from the manufacturer. 

Small orders can be cut form stock board, but this usually incurs some wastage and is more expensive. An order of 200 square metres is much more financially viable. Price breaks occur at 500, 1000 and 300 square metres, so it can be sometimes cheaper to buy more and get into the next price bracket. Delivery time for manufactured orders is typically three to four days. Please ask for a free quotation.

You can also choose to have scores put in the board at the point of manufacture, at no extra cost, making it easier to fold. Delivery time on manufactured orders is usually within three to four days.