Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap
Ref Width Length Type Grade Core Mu/PE
06403 400mm 300m Cast Light Ext 12/17
06401 400mm 300m Cast Light Std 12/17
06406 400mm 300m Cast Medium Std 16/20
06407 400mm 300m Cast Premium Ext 19/23
06408 400mm 200m Cast Heavy Std 28
06409 400mm 200m Cast Heavy Ext 28
06520 500mm 300m Cast Medium Std 16/20
06577 06577 300m Cast White Std 19/23
06599 500mm 200m Cast Black Std 19/23

Hand rolls of stretch film make it easy to secure loads and wrap pallets. Using an SR500 pallet wrapper, as shown below, makes it even easier.

Our stock range cover a variety of thickness’, widths and core types, and are all produced to PIFA standard - ensuring it will meet the specification shown on the label.

Opaque Pallet Wrap Hand Rolls

SR500 Pallet Wrapper

Mini Wrap

Machine Wrap


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