Nomapack® U-Profile Foam

As a major distributor and stockholder of NMC products, we have access to a massive range of Foams, for engineering, building and Packaging projects.
Most popular for packaging is U Profile Blue Foam, ideal for protecting edges, corners and profiles.

U-Profile foam can also be manufactured to make corner protectors, end caps or other shapes, and is ideal for making mitred corners. It is easy to cut and shape to fit your specific requirements, plus it’s flexible properties help to keep it on the item that you need protecting.

Nomapack® U-Profile x 2m Lengths
Ref To Fit Height Thickness Metres/Ctn
510515 5-15mm 29mm 7mm 560
511525 15-25mm 35mm 8mm 320
512035 20-35mm 40mm 10mm 210
512535 25-35mm 40mm 10mm 240
513545 35-45mm 46mm 12mm 180
514560 45-60mm 60mm 14mm 100
516080 60-80mm 66mm 15mm 80
5180100 80-100mm 68mm 18mm 72
51100120 100-120mm 80mm 21mm 44
51100160 100-160mm 80mm 21mm 44
Nomapack® U-Profile Pre-Cut Corners
Ref To Fit Thickness Pieces/ctn
51UCB1525 15-25mm 7mm 600
51UCB2535 25-35mm 10mm 450
51UCB4560 45-60mm 14mm 500
51UCB6080 60-80mm 15mm 400
Nomapack® L-Profile x 2m Lengths
Ref To Fit Thickness Metres/ctn
545050 50-50mm 6mm 480
547575 75-75mm 10mm 210

Brown Profile

Yellow Round Lengths

Thick Red Door Protection

Cell-Aire® Foam

Cell-Aire® Foam
Ref Size Thickness Length
160510 500mm 1.0mm 300m
160515 500mm 1.5mm 200m
160525 500mm 2.5mm 120m
160525 500mm 4.0mm 75m
160710 750mm 1.0mm 300m
160715 750mm 1.5mm 200m
160725 750mm 2.5mm 120m
160740 750mm 4.0mm 75m
161010 1000mm 1.0mm 300mm
161015 1000mm 1.5mm 200mm
161025 1000mm 2.5mm 120m
161040 1000mm 4.0mm 75m
161510 1500mm 1.0mm 300m
161515 1500mm 1.5mm 200m
161525 1500mm 2.5mm 120m
161540 1500mm 4.0mm 75m

Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam, with its micro-cellular construction, is designed to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten your products during transit. It is great for surface protection and is also widely used for wooden flooring underlay.

Special slits can be made to order, and it can converted into bags or sheets. Please contact us for more details.