New Mail Lite

Fully Recyclable New Mail Lite®

New style at no extra cost!

  • The inner bubble can easily be separated from the outer paper for recycling
  • All Mail Lite® Bags are now manufactured with non coated paper.
  • New sealing technology allows for easy separation, with instructions printed on the back
  • A high post consumer recycled content will be used and gradually increased
  • Environmentally friendly without compromising performance
  • Sizes and pack quantities will remain the same
  • Pricing will remain the same

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PickPak Dispenser - launching in 2020

  • Current box = 0.4545kgCO2e
  • New Pickpak = 0.1654 + 0.0362 = 0.2016 kgCO2e
  • Total Carbon footprint reduction is -55.6%
  • Conventional carton weight = 305g
  • Pickpak cardboard reduction of 194g + just 12g of shrink film
  • Remove red tear strip and open the PickPack Solution out in order to provide a dispenser
  • Much faster for packers
  • Far neater for packing benches
  • Less packaging to recycle and remove from packaging areas