Plastic Packaging Tax

Anything we have made or imported that does not contain at least 30% post consumer recycled content, will be subject to a government tax of £217.85 per tonne.

Post consumer content means the product has to have been made by someone, left their factory, been used for something and then returned to the factory as a recycled product or as a product suitable for recycling. Manufacturers who produce waste when making a product often use that waste to make more of the same product. This does not count as post consumer waster.

We expect the demand for recycled material to increase and when demand is higher than supply the price increases, so the initially the price of buying a product which contains 30% recycled content may get close to that of a product made from virgin material.

Some of our manufacturers are restricting the range they offer to only include some lines that will have 30% RCC as they don’t expect there will be enough recycled material to fulfil their whole product range.