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Paper production...

Although many paper products are made from responsible resources, some are not. According ot a WWF report, although paper mills do utilise some of their own waste products as fuel, emissions and pollution from paper mills can be significant. https://www.worldwildlife.org/industries/pulp-and-paper

The largest share of greenhouse gases released in pulp and paper manufacturing comes from the energy production to power the mills.

The WWF on Pulp & Paper

Paper bags don't last, so they're more likely to fall apart after a single use. And, when they go to land-fill, which most of them will, they'll degrade and release greenhouse gases.

Julia Hailes MBE

Re-use & recycle...

Environmentalist and author of The Green Consumer Guide, Julia Hailes MBE argues that paper isn’t always the solution, and recycled & re-usable plastics should be used where appropriate. Overall, we should move away from all single use products, be it paper or plastic.


How much are you recycling?

According to a UK Government fact sheet, the UK uses 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year. About one third of this is recycled – which is great, but it means two thirds is not!
We sell both paper and plastic/polythene products. Each have their own benefits and we have no axe to grind for either type.

However, before you believe any stories you hear that plastic is the root of all evil, bear in mind the facts. Most of the products we sell are fully recyclable, so it is up to us as businesses and members of the public to recycle what we can, when we can, in a responsible manner.